Receiving a gift

It is so good when someone that has a mandala art jewelry made by us sent a photo wearing it. This one was sent by sweet Annett from Australia. She designs mandalas too.

This is our "Close to the Heart" model with our Moon Mandala design, rock crystal and sodalite stone. You can find this mandala necklace in our Shop.

Moon Mandala Art Handmade Jewelry Blue Mandala

Creating mandalas with other mandalas...

Sometimes I like to create mandalas with my own mandala art handmade jewelry... That it was what happened here... I created a mandala, a kind of a crystal grid, with our Earth Mandala Necklace with a heart shape chain together with a ring, gemstones and crystals - rock crystal, lapis lazuli and turquoise. Then I joined a flower...another one of my passions. This necklace and the ring are available in our etsy shop.

Mandala Art Handmade Jewelry Grid
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New bracelets on the way!

We are creating a new model of bracelets with our Mandalas. This new model is made of brass (nickel, cadmium and lead free), has genuine leather and crystals.

The photo shows our Earth Mandala. It is so gorgeous, don't you think so?

Soon in our Etsy Shop.

If you want to know more about our creative process go to Mandala Jewelry with Energy Healing.

Earth Mandala Bracelet by Um Mundo Novo

Feminine Power

Moon Mandala symbolizes Goddess Energy. When I designed it I knew it you be very powerful and strong. The white lace effect around it gives it that special feminine touch. It can work on any women creativity and emotions.

Here it is in this beautiful adjustable brass ring (nickel, cadmium and lead free) also designed by us.
Check it out in our Shop.

Go this way to know more about our Mandala Jewelry with Energy Healing.

Moon Mandala Ring by Um Mundo Novo

New Gypsy Necklaces with Mandalas

I just loooove these gypsy necklaces with our mandalas.

They are all made of brass with an antique gold plated with no nickel, cadmium and lead. All of them have gemstones and crystals, like amethyst, agate, lapis lazuli, sodalite, quartz... and many healing vibes and love energy.

You can find them in our etsy shop

Mandala Jewelry, Healing Jewelry, Gypsy Jewelry by Um Mundo Novo
Healing Necklaces, Mandala Necklaces, Gypsy Necklaces, Gypsy Soul

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