About Us

Aloha! We are Rita and Miguel and we live in Portugal in a special place nearby the sea called Estoril, a place that is crowned by these magnificent mountains that we call "Enchanted Forest" (Sintra). We share a cosy appartment with our three young sons.

I'm Rita and my passion for design (specially mandalas) and arts lives inside me since childhood. But unfortunately, due to family influences, I graduated in management. When my oldest son was born, I quit my job and became a full-time mother. And since then I let my inner child reborn up and started again to do what I always really loved to do: to design and to create new worlds. And so "Um Mundo Novo" that in english means "A New World" was born. 

Two things I learned so far: 

• First we should not let anyone influences us and manipulates our passions and skills.

• Second, it's never too late to Dream and do what we really Love to do.

Miguel, my husband besides being a teacher walks along with me in this magic mandala design & art project. 

We design mandalas and we make mandala jewelry with energy healing (wearable art) and healing fairies with our mandalas. We are Designer-Makers.

Rita and Miguel designer-makers of Mandala Jewelry with Energy Healing

 "Weave from your dreams the mystical dances
that leads us to bind in heart and mind"
(in "home and the heartland" music from Riverdance)


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