About Us

We are Rita and Miguel, a couple living in Portugal in a special place nearby the Atlantic Ocean called Estoril. It is a place that has the privilege to be crowned by the magnificent mountains of Sintra where our "Enchanted Forest" lives. We share a cosy and lovely apartment with our three beautiful young sons.

I’m Rita and my passion for mandalas and design in general as well as for the magic of numbers lives within me since childhood. One of my favorite toys was my old kaleidoscope with which I created countless mandalas and it was always so special and funny. Unfortunately due to family influences (and this happens in many families) I graduated in management and my passion for arts got asleep. When our oldest son was born, 21 years ago, I decided to quit my day job and became a full-time mother. And since then I left the power of the goddess, the power of the feminine to be reborn up within me, my creativity has expanded and I began again to draw and create new enchanted worlds through the love of which I am made of always with the sustenance of our beloved Mother-Earth Anura. 

I'm Miguel, I'm graduated in sociology, I'm a teacher and a musician (sound healing). Since I was a little child that I have the idea that there is much more than what our eyes catch and so poetry and music were the bridges I used to cross to reach the other side of the veil. Rita my lovely wife brought into my life the pleasure for handmade arts and slowly I began to create jewelry with our mandalas and sparking gemstones. We have been working together for more than 10 years now, it has been an awesome path to walk along through and each  wearable art piece we hand make is a seed of love and awakening that we release to the world. Then it is up to each of us to make it grow... or not. The free will of everyone is fully respected.

We are both Anura Paths (Caminhos de Anura) Therapists and Reiki Energy Healing and Karuna Practitioners. 

⤖ Where do we get inspiration?

We get inspiration mainly from Mother Nature. We love to walk in nature and feel the smell of flowers, to touch the wise ancient trees, to observe the beauty of butterflies and hear the birds' melodies. We love to wet our feet in the ocean and to feel the power of its waters. Admire all the colors of sunrises and sunsets and watch the stars from the top of the mountains are things we adore to do. We are also passionate about sacred geometry, crystals and gemstones and we truly believe in all kind of magic worlds where fairies, elves, dragons and other magical creatures live. And of course we get inspiration from our true essence, Love. 

⤖ How is it all created?

Our creative process is very intuitive. All the mandalas and all the jewelry are created with much consciousness, love and harmony in our lovely home studio. As far as mandalas are concerned I, Rita, never know what is going to show up. I just let my heart fly and my intuition flow through the energy of the moment. What we do really know is that all people that meet our work feel the healing vibe and energy that blossoms from each of our mandalas and it is something so amazing and sooo magical! We are so grateful for that.

 "Weave from your dreams the mystical dances
that leads us to bind in heart and mind"

(in "home and the heartland" music from Riverdance)


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