Fairy Dolls

Our Fairies with Mandalas arrive as spring and symbolize the beginning of a new cycle, a rebirth, an awakening to life, a recharging of new vibes and energies, a move on ... They celebrate fertility, abundance, harmony, generosity and of course ... LOVE.

They all bring one of our Mandala Designs.

Healing Faries Art Dolls with Mandalas by Um Mundo Novo

Fairies Features:

We get inspired in nature to create these Magic Fairies with Mandalas. Know more about our sites of inspirations.

These  magic Fairies are totally designed and created by us. They are one of a kind (OOAK) so there isn't two alike. They are made of 100% cotton fabric and soft and high quality merino wool.  

Totally handmade with care on lovely details, the Fairies with Mandalas will bring a bit of magic to your life and environment!

«We are the guardians of beauty and harmony, whose base is the basic vibration of "mother." Our job involves touching hearts through these two attributes.»

(in Anura´s book) 

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