Fairy Dolls

We believe in all the wonderful and magical worlds where fairies, elves, dragons and other awesome creatures live. So we had to create something that would connect us to this magical realms that we feel so close.

Our enchanted fairies of Anura arrive with the beauty of Spring and symbolize the beginning of a new cycle, a rebirth, an awakening of our consciousness, a recharging of new energies, a move on in life. 

They celebrate gratitude, abundance, harmony and beauty, generosity, fertility and of course Love.

Healing Faries Art Dolls with Mandalas by Um Mundo Novo

These enchanted fairies of Anura are totally designed and created by us. They are one of a kind (OOAK) so there isn't two alike. They are made of 100% cotton fabric, soft and high quality merino wool. Hand painted faces.

Totally handmade with care on lovely details, the enchanted fairies of Anura bring magic into our life. 
You can place them in a special place in your home, your workspace,  on an altar for instance and meditate close to them or simply take a break from the routine of your day.

They carry mandalas with them. Some of them also carry gemstones extracted from the Portuguese soil, respecting and preserving the balance with nature. 

Please go to "About Us" to know more about our inspirations to create our art.  

«We are the guardians of beauty and harmony, (...) and our purpose is to touch all humans' hearts through these two attributes.»

(in "The book of Anura" by Esmeralda Rios and Vitorino de Sousa) 

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