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''The care the couple puts into your order and creating this heart felt ring just so impressive. Very responsive to my emails to ensure I would have for Christmas and it was delivered with a personalized note. Beside the ring being beautiful, the customer service was far above anything you normally deal with and what a pleasure. For this reason alone I will look to purchase from them again!!!'' 

(Terry Walunas from USA - Etsy) 

''I love my bracelet. It is my latest purchase from Rita and Miguel but it is certainly not the last! :) My bracelet was actually the Melody of the Stars Mandala because my other items also were from that series, and it was my 50-years-gift from my daughter and also from Rita and Miguel <3 From the bottom of my heart I recommend you to buy their beautiful and Meaningful Mandala Jewelry. Not only because their items are gorgeous as well as stunning (every one I meet comments on my Meldody of the Stars Mandala necklace <3), but equally because these two lovely human beings are truly the most generous, kind, loving and attentive people that I have ever come across <3 Thank you <3''

(Elisabeth Vaagland from Norway - Etsy)

''Great shopping experience with Meaningful Mandala.
Very beautiful product, manufactured and delivered with great attention to detail. 
Excellent customer service, Rita and Miguel are lovely humans.I will definitely talk to them again.''

(André Tavares from Portugal - Etsy)

''This ring is not only beautiful, but magical also. Not only did it help me through one of the more trying days of my life, but I also miraculously qualified for financing for a new car-a one in a trillion chance with my credit history. Honestly, the ring is healing and, for me, is truly meaningful. Looking at the Mandala design calmed me throughout the day. How can I describe it? The ring just felt "right" for me. Thank you for crafting the Moon Mandala ring. Excellent shipping time and seller communication, too! Highly recommend!'' 

(Elizabeth Bennet from USA - Etsy)

''Incredible piece of art! They create it with so much love and care! I managed to pick up another two mandala necklaces from their market in Lisbon, and they have the same outstanding quality! Thank you so much!'' 

(Andre from Canada - Etsy)

''I've bought several pieces of Rita's mandala jewelry and they are all so beautiful!
The mandalas and the colors are wonderful and everything is worked exactly and with love!
The jewelry was packed so lovely and everything arrived quickly!

I love my mandala jewelry and can highly recommend this shop!'' 

(Karin Pichler from Austria - Facebook) 

''These are unique and very different. The love and care can be sensed in presentation and the dedication of both Rita and Miguel's commitment to their customers. I will be ordering more as Christmas gifts. Thank you M xx" 

(J People from United Kingdom - Etsy)

''I absolutely love my ring! Communication was very good and on top of this beautiful ring, the packing was so lovely with a very nice note. Extremely happy with my purchase! 

(Veetia Vaculik-Hamilton from New Zealand - Etsy)  

''Such a beautiful piece + Rita and Miguel were fantastic communicators of not only where their bracelet was in process, but also how much it meant to them, to share this piece. It was a healing gift for a friend.''

(Mike Albright from United States - Etsy)

''Absolutely stunning...more beautiful than what I thought it would be! Excellent communication from Rita and Miguel and it was so beautifully packaged. They put so much love into their work that I have purchased more! Thank you xx'' 

(Renee Togo from Australia - Etsy)

''I bought a Mandala moon ring through Etsy app! The order arrived very quickly and the ring is so amazing! It is exactly as you can see in pictures. Thank you. I love your art!!!''

(Francesca Banda from Italy - Facebook)

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"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour."

(william Blake)

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