Mandala Jewelry

⤖ What is a mandala?

Mandala is a sanskrit word meaning “circle”. It has as its basic structure a circle and a number of shapes arranged geometrically around the center. 

Mandalas have existed since ancient times and have served as symbols of oneness and harmony with the universe. They are found actually in many cultures all around the world and also in nature... Flowers, spider webs, crop circles, the shape of the earth... For instance the center of every sunflower has a mandala. These many mandalas are a big part of the buildings blocks of the universe. We believe that this is the main reason they were and are used as a meditative tool. Even the living beings have mandalas in themselves. Look at our own eyes! Mandalas are the structures of our cells, our world, our universe. 

However every mandala has a unique meaning that may have the potential of changing and healing how we see ourselves, our planet and even our own life purpose. ♥

Our Moon Mandala ring, our bestseller!

All our meaningful mandalas are designed by Rita respecting the magic of numbers, first sketched out on paper and then digitally drawn and enhanced to create a completely unique mandala. You can be sure when receiving one of our mandalas that you will not find another the same anywhere else. 

With all our beautiful meaningful mandalas we hand make lovely and colorful jewelry with gemstones beads. The brass we use is old gold plated and it is free of nickel, cadmium and lead. 

As we are eco friendly all our jewelry is made according to EU REACH Regulation that aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment. We just use acid free, non-toxic and water base products. Therefore all our jewelry is not waterproof but if you follow carefully all our care instructions your meaningful mandala jewelry will last a life time close to you. 

Everything is created with great consciousness in our safe, harmonious and full of love home studio in Portugal with the sustenance of our dear Mother Earth.

Our Sun Mandala in the gypsy necklace with gemstones

⤖ What's the best way to choose your mandala?

Our mandalas are intuitively hand draw by Rita according to the magic of numbers and have intentions, meanings. Sometimes people ask us how do they choose the right mandala? Well our advice is to choose the one that appeals to you, the one you would love to wear the whole time. 

Mandalas work better when your choice comes from the heart! So take a deep breath, relax your mind and body and follow your intuition, your inner guidance. You have the power within you to simply know which mandala is the right one for you at this moment of your life! 

We truly believe that if your choice is made intuitively, the process will flow in a perfect and magic way and your mandala will connect to you and will help you to find your inner light, peace, beauty and harmony... your true essence, Love. ♥

Our Earth Mandala in a beautiful chain necklace with gemstones

Thank you so much for taking your time to get to know a little bit more about our work that we love soooo much. 

We invite to visit our Etsy Shop where you will find much more about our Meaningful Mandala Jewelry. Take care.

"Peace comes within the souls of men when they realize 
their oneness with the universe. 
When they realize it is really everywhere.
 It is within each of us".

(Black Elk the Lakota medicine man)

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