Mandala Art Handmade Jewelry

Our creative process is intuitive. Every mandala is designed and created in a safe and lovely environment, in a meditative state and comes from the heart! We never know what is going to emerge. What we do know is that people that see our mandalas seem to feel the healing energy emanating from each one of our art pieces and it is sooo magic and sooo good...To know us better go to About Us section. 

• How do you choose your Mandala?

Let the Mandala chooses you. That's the secret! All our mandalas are intuitively designed by us with certain intentions and energies. They all have meanings and so energy healings. Sometimes people ask us how do they choose the right mandala? Our advise is: Forget the meanings and choose the one that calls or appeals to you most by colors, designs, movements ... follow your intuition. Think... it is going to be something that you are going to wear... so it must be something that will touch you in some special way. We truly believe that if your mandala´s choice is made intuitively, the process will flow perfectly and your MANDALA will certainly connect to you. 

What is a Mandala?

Mandala is a Sanskrit meaning "Healing Circle", "Sacred Circle", "Magic Circle". It is Sacred Geometry energy concentration that lead us and connect us to our center, to our essence, to the universe, through its color, patterns and energy in motion. It works on physical, emotional and energetic levels. It promotes personal development, increased awakening and awareness, inner peace achievement...

In order to spread the energy healing and vibes that each one of our original and unique mandalas have we placed them gently into pieces of mandala jewelry - wearable art. 

They are all made of:

• An excellent quality mandala art print of our original Mandala Designs covered by a crystal clear glass dome.
• Brass free of nickel, cadmium and lead according to UE REACH Regulation (know more about this Regulation below)
• Crystals and Natural Gemstones Beads
• Genuine Leather

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"Get out of the circle of time and get into the circle of Love."

(Mevlana jalaluddin Rumi)

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